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Q- What types of events does MMGT do?
A- With MMGT, your imagination is the limit. Our most commonly provided events are for birthday parties. But we also provide events for corporate events, church functions, charity events, school and neighborhood activities, fundraises, and many other activities.

Q-How much is an event?
A- Please refer to our pricing page for prices. Pricing will vary based on length and location.

Q- What areas does MMGT service?
A – MMGT mainly services the Tri-County area (Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester Counties)of South Carolina. MMGT will travel to other parts of the state. Please email us for special pricing.

Q- How much room is needed for the MMGT event rig?
A- The MMGT event rig needs 60 ft of clear and level street parking. If your residence doesn’t have the room, then you may consider other residential locations or parks.

Q-Does the MMGT event rig need customer provided power?
A- No. The MMGT event rig is powered by a quiet generator.

Q- Do you provide food?
A- No. Our focus is on an ultimate video game experience and not catering. The catering is the customers responsibility.

Q- Is food and drink allowed in the MMGT trailer?
A-NO. All food and drink is to remain outside of the MMGT event rig. There are many high dollar electronics inside of the MMGT event rig that could be damaged if an accident occurs.

Q-What are the acceptable ages for MMGT event rig?
A- Video games are fun for all ages. We recommend no younger than 5yr old.

Q- Do the parents have to stay?
A-Parents do not have to stay in the MMGT event rig, but at least one needs to stay with the event. Parents are encouraged to participate if they want to or just relax in the house while the event is going on.

Q-How many people can play at an event?
A-The MMGT event rig can play up to 28 people at once with the right games. We recommend 16-20 people for good game experience.

Q-What games do you carry?
A-We carry a wide variety of games for the Xbox 360, Wii, Xbox One, Wii U and PS3. We are always updating our game log. We encourage title suggestions and requests. Customers may also bring their own games onboard, but MMGT accepts no responsibility for damaged or lost games.

Q- How many Game Techs come with the MMGT event rig?
A-MMGT will provide at least 2 Game Techs for each event. Some larger or longer events may require more Game Techs. MMGT will make the decision as to the number of Game Techs per event.

Q-Is it appropriate to tip the Game Techs?
A-Yes. Tipping is not required, but encouraged. They are providing a service, and if you feel a tip is warranted, then please tip them. Most customers tip for a job well done.

Q-What is your cancellation policy?
A- A 50% deposit is due at the time of booking. Payment is due in full no later than 3 days prior to the scheduled event date. Events that have been paid in full and are cancelled more than 14 days prior to event date will receive a refund of everything over the deposit. Events may be rescheduled with a mutually agreed upon date and time if rescheduled more than 14 days prior to scheduled event.

Q- Where can I see the Monster Mobile Game Theater?
A- Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for public event location and times.